Magic Wall Repair

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Universal Magic Wall Repair


Thanks to the Universal Magic Wall Repair Cream you can easily patch up any hole on your wall! This amazing repair cream is made of wall glue, resin, and carbonate cover. There is no damage it can’t fix!


This Magic Wall Repair is the quick, easy and mess-free way to keep the walls in your home looking good as new for years to come. Paint for perfectly color-matched touch-ups to scuffs on walls, trim, baseboard, doors, ceilings…any painted surface! Erases those pesky scuffs on walls and trim in seconds and makes any painted surface look good a new. No more pesky scuffs and ugly nail-holes on walls! 

  • Complete wall patch includes everything needed to touch up paint around the house and repair holes in walls
  • Includes five award-winning Magic Wall Repair, which fills with any paint for color-matched touch-ups to scuffed walls, and keeps paint fresh inside for at least seven years!
  • Precision brush-tip and twist-activated paint control ensure detailed and mess-free painting on any surface.
  • It also includes lightweight spackling, plastic spreader & sanding block for patching nail-holes and dings on walls in seconds.
  • This Magic Wall Repair conveniently fits in a drawer anywhere in the home and eliminates all nail holes and paint scuffs for years to come

The repair cream is completely safe to use. The ingredients aren't harmful, corroding or contain formaldehyde but please be sure to wear gloves while applying this cream.

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