Mousetrap (Buy 1 Take 2)

₱1,499.00 ₱899.00 899.00


FAST, EFFECTIVE TRAPPER – Just put a bait into the cup, and press down the spring bar, keep the trap clamp open, then you can start waiting for the mice to step into your trap.
【Professional mouse traps】 Big cheese rat trap has a unique shark tooth design, with strong bait mouth and super sensitive pedal. Once mice triggered, it will snap mice swiftly, kill fast. Mice will suffer less pain before die.
【Durable & Recyclable】 The ABS material ensures it’s durable, Eco-Friendly and recyclable with a non-toxic odor. You only need to release the dead rodent and reset the trap clamp every time. No need to touch the trap teeth
【Easy to set up and powerful】 Remove the bait container at the bottom of the mousetrap, put some food on it then insert back, press the tail of the mousetrap. Powerful mice trap snap quickly, Just watch out your fingers when setting it.
【Suitable for Many Places】Be Used indoors or outdoors, kitchen, garden, garage, warehouse, bathroom, living room, basement etc, keep your food and house away from Mice. Handle with care, avoid pinching fingers. Warning: this is not toy – So please keep away from children and pets.




  • Be careful your fingers when you set the traps.
  • Please place the mouse traps in somewhere where children and pets can’t touch them.
  • After setting the mousetrap, never touch it with your hand.
  • If you want to release the trap, please use a stick or other tools.
  • Anyway, be careful, please don’t hurt yourself.